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Property Management

A property manager is an owner's representative in maximizing the return on investment of the property through efficient performance of following functional areas of responsibility. The property manager acts in the best interests of the owner to keep it occupied with qualified tenants, coordinate maintenance of the property, coordinate rent collection, budget improvements and maintain records. This process gives an owner the opportunity to gain property appreciation without being involved on a daily basis. We are available to perform these services for you.

You may not want to sell your property but may have a desire to improve it. You may not have time or be qualified to perform the improvements and may want help. Our Real Estate experience uniquely qualifies us to assist you.

 We will work with you on a task basis to accomplish a specific project. An example might be to find a contractor who can help with a project. This example could be expanded to include coordination of the project with the contractor. We have project management experience and the tools to plan and follow your project through to satisfactory completion. The following are examples of projects you may want to accomplish either on a limited basis or as part of an ongoing lease agreement.

Survey a lot.

Install a water well.

Construct a septic system.

Build a pier.

Install roofing shingles.

Build a fence.

Replace windows.

Install a new appliance.

Please call us for a discussion. 804 443-6683 or 804 313-1997.

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