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Whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate, you may need help with various nuances of the business.  A relationship with an experienced Realtor can be invaluable.  The Realtors and staff at Apex Realty, LLC can help.

Buyers can use the internet to search for properties.  However, there are usually many unanswered questions that can be answered best by a Realtor.  Buyers may enter into a relationship with a Realtor by completing a Brokerage Agreement.  Buyers are often concerned about the cost of working with a Realtor but may be surprised to learn that sellers usually pay the listing Realtor a commission, possibly negating the need for additional fees.  A Realtor can help: for example; assist with the property search, explain financing options, and coordinate with other Realtors.  Your Realtor can also help save you money on property you choose through price negotiation, coordination of appraisals and inspections, and assist you to ensure a problem-free closing.        

Sellers may enter into a relationship with a Realtor by completing a Listing Agreement.  The seller benefits in may ways through the agreement: for example; the Realtor researches  market conditions to help establish a selling price, uses knowledge of the market area to develop a marketing plan, notifies other Realtors and buyers by placing the listing on multiple websites, helps the seller work through contract issues, and coordinates a smooth closing.

The purchase of waterfront property is exciting and may offer recreation as well as a home.  A waterfront lot in a good subdivision can be of value but there are many factors to be considered.  Examples are:  access to the lot may require installation of culverts and a driveway, community drinking water may be available or a well may need to be drilled, a septic system may need to be installed, a pier may exist or one may need to be constructed.  If the body of water is tidal, the mean high and low water levels are important for boating operations, and the building and zoning rules for home and pier construction need to be researched.  A Realtor can help guide you through these and other issues.

The purchase of raw land or land for agricultural use is interesting but may present several pitfalls.  The history of land and its current use are important.  It may look good on the surface but could need to be tested to determine if the soil has been contaminated or can be used for crop or forest production.  Soil may also need to be tested to determine if it will perk for installation of a septic system if construction of a home is anticipated.  The cost of drilling a water well should also be explored.  The value and harvesting of existing timber may be another aspect of purchasing land.  A Realtor can provide a plat (if one exists) of the land and show you the property lines.

Working with us can save you money, time and can guide you through issues that may arise.  We are experienced and are are trained to provide professional service.        

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