Relocation Services

We offer adjunct Relocation Services, as part of our Real Estate business, that provide added value to our clients.  Our services may be as simple as coordinating activities such as closing utility accounts, temporary care of pets, or relocation of vehicles to your new destination.  Our services can be performed on a fee basis or on an hourly basis, depending upon the extent of services requested by the client.    

Selling a home is a special event in the lives of most people.  Getting help from a professional Realtor can be invaluable.  Realtors are able to help guide a client through the myriad of steps associated with selling; thereby reducing the level of stress and expediting the process.  We offer full services or limited services depending upon client needs.  

Buying a home at the new destination can be a challenge.  We are able to help find a home by working with home builders or Real Estate agents at your new destination.  We work with appropriate points of contact to make the selection of a home and collection of community information at the new destination a pleasant experience.

Transition services can be few in number or extensive, as determined by the client.  Some examples of services we can perform are: 

  • Development of a relocation project plan.
  • Helping a client downsize household items prior to moving.
  • Arranging the transportation, and storage of household goods.
  • Assisting with the relocation of personal vehicles.
  • Scheduling temporary accommodations during the move.
  • Coordinating with contractors for property services.

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